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Top 10 Best Smoothie Recipes of 2015

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1. Cholesterol Crusher Blast Smoothie *Best Healthy Smoothie of 2014*

NutriBullet Cholesterol Crusher Blast Smoothie

#1 Best Healthy Smoothie – Cholesterol Crusher Blast Smoothie

Cholesterol Crusher Blast Smoothie is a natural and tasty way to help maintain a healthy cholesterol level. Containing foods recommended by the Mayo Clinic for lowering cholesterol and protecting the heart muscle, the Cholesterol Crusher Blast Smoothie is definitely heart smart and one of our most highly recommended smoothies.

Ingredients: Banana, Blueberries, Kale, Oatmeal, Cacao, Almonds, Water

[ Recipe Here ]

Best Yummy Smoothie Recipes of 2015


1. Angel Food Smoothie *Best Yummy Smoothie of 2014*

Smoothie King Angel Food Smoothie

#1 Best Yummy Smoothie – Angel Food Smoothie

Angel Food Smoothie, an original Smoothie King recipe, is absolutely one of the best tasting smoothies we have ever tried. Sweet, luscious, and nostalgic for a time when the smell of freshly baked angel food cakes would permeate the house during grandma’s summer visit. Although not particularly packed with nutritional value, the Angel Food Smoothie is a delight for your senses.

Ingredients: Banana, Strawberries, Nonfat Dry Milk Powder, Turbinado (raw sugar), Vanilla Extract, Water, Ice

[ Recipe Here ]

2. Pink Starburst Smoothie

Jamba Juice Pink Starburst Smoothie - Secret Menu

#2 Best Yummy Smoothie – Pink Starburst Smoothie

Pink Starburst Smoothie is the most popular smoothie on the Jamba Juice Secret Menu. Sweet and creamy, this flavorful hidden gem actually tastes like pink Starburst candy. Absolutely delicious, and absolutely not healthy enough to make it onto Jamba Juice’s regular menu. If you want one, you will have to ask the right employee … or mash the link and make one yourself.

Ingredients: Strawberries, Lemonade, Soy Milk, Lime Sherbet, Orange Sherbet, Pineapple Sherbet, Raspberry Sherbet, Ice

[ Recipe Here ]

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