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Kale-Apple Green Smoothie Recipe

Kale-Apple Green Smoothie Recipe – A delicious iron rich smoothie loaded with natural heart healthy nutrients and antioxidants, learn how to make at home.

Kale-Apple Green Smoothie Recipe

Kale-Apple Green Smoothie, a Green Smoothie Recipe, is soooo simple to make, and soooo good for your body. High in Iron, loaded with vitamin K, and dripping with antioxidants, kale is like a single-plant superfood. In addition, kale provides a healthy dose of omega-3 fatty acids to fight arthritis, asthma, and autoimmune disorders. Kale-Apple Green Smoothie FTW!

What Is In The Kale-Apple Green Smoothie?

The Kale-Apple Green Smoothie ingredients are banana, celery, kale, apple juice, lemon juice, and crushed ice.


Bananas – Bananas are very healthy, readily available, and one of the least expensive fruits you can buy. They have relatively few calories, are rich in nutrients such as vitamin C and potassium, are full of potent antioxidants including flavonoids and animes, and are high in dietary fiber. Studies have shown that bananas can improve insulin sensitivity and may improve kidney health.


Celery – Celery, a low calorie diet food, has a number of surprising health benefits. It is an excellent source of phytonutrients and is absolutely packed with cell-protecting antioxidants such as vitamin C, beta carotene, and flavonoids. Celery also reduces chronic inflammation, supports a healthy digestive tract, and and has an alkalizing effect that can help neutralize acidic foods.


Kale – Kale, a very popular cruciferous vegetable, is one of the most nutrient-packed foods you can eat. A single cup contains 200% of the recommended daily intake of vitamin A, 135% of the recommended vitamin C, and 685% of the recommended vitamin K, among many others. Kale also provides very high levels of the powerful anitoxidants quercetin and kaempferol, known to lower blood pressure and reduce inflammation.

Apple Juice

Apple Juice – Apples are the most widely consumed fruit globally and boast more than 7,000 different varieties. They provide significant amounts vitamin C, vitamin K, copper, and potassium, and are loaded with power antioxidants, especially polyphenols. Apples can help lower cholesterol levels, reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes, and promote gut health as a prebiotic.

Lemon Juice

Lemon Juice – Lemons are a sour citrus fruit that are packed with antioxidants and various other beneficial plan compounds. Just one lemon provides more than 50% of your recommended daily intake of cold and flu-busting vitamin C. Lemons are also known to aid weight loss, prevent kidney stones, and protect against anemia.

Yield: 1

Kale-Apple Green Smoothie Recipe

Kale-Apple Green Smoothie

The Kale-Apple Green Smoothie is soooo simple to make, and soooo good for your body packing iron and vitamin K. This recipe will show you how to make one.

Prep Time 2 minutes
Cook Time 1 minute
Total Time 3 minutes



  1. Place banana, celery, kale, apple juice, lemon juice, and crushed ic into a blender and blend until a smooth consistency is achieved.
  2. Pour into a glass for immediate refreshment or place in the fridge to enjoy later.


  1. For ease of use, we recommend peeling and slicing a number of bananas, putting them in a freezer bag, and storing them in your freezer for quick access.

Nutrition Information:



Serving Size:

1 g

Amount Per Serving: Calories: 263Total Fat: 1gUnsaturated Fat: 0gSodium: 77mgCarbohydrates: 63gFiber: 4gSugar: 39gProtein: 4g

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Kale-Apple Green Smoothie Recipe
Kale-Apple Green Smoothie Recipe
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