NutriBullet Pink Detox Blast Smoothie Recipe

NutriBullet Pink Detox Blast Smoothie Recipe

Pink Detox Blast Smoothie, a NutriBullet Smoothie Recipe original detox drink, will cleanse your liver, lower your blood pressure, lubricate your joints, and reduce inflammation. Packed with plenty of fiber, this beet-based healthy drink has it all. But don’t blend in white … this scrumptious smoothie stains! What Is In The Pink Detox Blast Smoothie … [Read More]

Snickerdoodle Green Smoothie Recipe

Snickerdoodle Green Smoothie

Snickerdoodle Green Smoothie, a Green Smoothie Recipe, tastes like the ever-popular Snickerdoodle cookie. However, whereas the cookie definitely does not fall anywhere near the “health-food” category, the Snickerdoodle Green Smoothie is bursting with phytonutrients, antioxidants, and heart-healthy monounsaturated fatty acids. Plus … it’s just fun to say Snickerdoodle ;-) What Is In The Snickerdoodle Green … [Read More]

Dr Oz Dinner Detox Smoothie Recipe

Dr Oz Dinner Detox Smoothie

Dr. Oz Dinner Detox Smoothie, a Detox Smoothie Recipe, anchors Dr. Oz’s 3-day Smoothie Cleanse with lemon juice and cayenne pepper, aiming to eliminate harmful toxins and reset your body. Cayenne pepper, recently made a popular detox ingredient by its inclusion in the Master Cleanse, kick-starts your metabolism, increases your core body temperature and corresponding … [Read More]

Vitamix Antioxidant Rich Smoothie Recipe

Vitamix Antioxidant Rich Smoothie

Vitamix Antioxidant Rich Smoothie, a Vitamix Smoothie Recipe, is an absolutely astonishing antioxidant adventure. In fact, if you are an oxidant, you shouldn’t go anywhere near this drink just to be safe. Conversely, if you are looking to clear away some free radicals and put some healthy pep in your step, this Antioxidant Rich Smoothie … [Read More]

NutriBullet Fountain Of Youth Smoothie Recipe

NutriBullet Fountain Of Youth Smoothie

Fountain Of Youth Smoothie, a NutriBullet Smoothie Recipe, possesses the perfect age-reversing blend of leafy greens, fruit, and nuts. Developed to revive and reenergize your body, resulting in a more youthful and vigorous state, this Fountain of Youth smoothie is the perfect mid-day meal or afternoon snack. What Is In The Fountain Of Youth Smoothie … [Read More]

NutriBullet Hormone Helper Smoothie Recipe

NutriBullet Hormone Helper Smoothie

Hormone Helper Smoothie, a NutriBullet Smoothie Recipe, is featured on their infomercial as the perfect homeopathic remedy for women experiencing “The Change” associated with menopause. Designed specifically for women to help regulate hormonal balance, the Hormone Helper Smoothie offers a natural alternative to help alleviate menopausal symptoms. *Pro-Tip: add a little Black Cohosh to reduce … [Read More]