SkinnyMs Cleanse And Detox Smoothie Recipe

SkinnyMs Cleanse And Detox Smoothie

SkinnyMs Cleanse And Detox Smoothie, a Detox Smoothie Recipe, was designed to boost kidney and liver function as part of a balanced detoxification program. Cinnamon, used by Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years, is one of the most power antioxidants available and enhances the effect of this system flushing smoothie. Just don’t add … [Read More]

Ninja Blender Garden Veggies In A Glass Smoothie Recipe

Ninja Blender Garden Veggies Smoothie Recipe

Garden Veggies In A Glass Smoothie, a Ninja Blender “Smoothies & Super Juices” Recipe, tastes like an uber-healthy V8 smoothie riding just on the spicy side. Drop in a little Worcestershire sauce (and a splash of vodka) and you have the most amazing Bloody Mary you’ve ever tried … truly healthy, special, and perfect for … [Read More]